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Mindfulness For Business

Employers report that each case of work related stress results in 30.6 working days lost, and UK businesses lose £530 million a year due to stress related illnesses, according to the Health and Safety Executive (2014). ‘Since 2009 the numbers of sick days lost to stress, depression and anxiety has increased by 24%’ The Mindfulness initiative (2015). 

Mindfulness has been implemented by some of the world's leading businesses, such as Google, Facebook, Intel, and Goldman Sachs and perhaps not surprisingly a growing number of MPs (150 at the last count, plus 80 of their staff) in Westminster practice mindfulness on a regular basis (The Mindfulness Initiative 2015).

Mindfulness is proven to support a sense of clarity and calm in the work place, increasing compassion and efficiency, reducing stress levels and in turn reducing stress related absences and boosting productivity (Irvin et al 2009, Crane 2009).

We can provide...

  • Half day training packages at your business premises that can be tailor made to suit your specific needs.
  • Once weekly 60 – 90 Minute sessions over a course of six to eight weeks. This course is aimed at supporting your staff with daily stress, increase productivity and enhance compassion in the workplace.
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Fiona McLaren

Hospitality lecturer at Otago Polytechnic, NZ

As a school, we were looking towards Mindfulness as a way of offering the students an insight into themselves and as a tool to help them deal with problems, rather than react adversely to them. We found Mindfulness, as facilitated by Jessie to offer much more than that. It allowed the learner to be more aware of their environment and the people within it, both colleagues and customers. We found that after mindfulness, the students were more confident and present in any given situation and more willing to learn. I have no hesitation in offering my endorsement of her good character and excellent delivery of Mindfulness.

If you are interested in our mindfulness training or would like us to pop by and discuss how we can support your workforce, then please fill in the online booking form by clicking the button below...

2015 'Workplace' report findings by the All-Party Parliamentary group...

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