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Imagine a day without feeling stress or anxiety. Improve your ability to deal with the world and take life’s frustrations a little less to heart.

It CAN happen with Mindfulness.

Every Moment has the ability to change your life.

EVERY MOMENT COUNTS. Each day can bring excitement and opportunity without the burden of stress and anxiety.

It doesn’t require you to sit crossed legged like a zen goddess, it doesn’t require whale music, or hippy clothes.

That’s why we’re here and we want to share our knowledge and experience. We know that lives are busy and people’s minds are full of lists, so we bring together real, achievable practices for the working person, the stressed parent, the multi tasker and the one who just never has “time” to stop and rest. 

Mindfulness Brings Hope logo square - Mindfulness meditation

Laura Brough

4 Week mindfulness, FB review

Thank you so much Jesse for introducing me to mindfulness. I have learnt so much in the last 4 weeks, mostly to be kind to myself, breathing techniques and to live in the present moment and appreciate the amazing things I have. I cannot recommend Jesse and her 4 week course enough, a very relaxed and friendly environment.

Please browse our site, check out our courses and learn a little more about who we are.

Jessie Hope

I'm a UK trained Mental Health nurse with 15 years experience and practice. I've spent time working in acute Mental health, adolescent forensics and set up a Health Improvement project for a Homeless and housing charity in the North East.

I returned to live in Cumbria after 10 years living in New Zealand with my family. Whilst living in New Zealand I worked in Mental health rehabilitation, Adult forensics and as a University tutor for AUT (Auckland University of Technology).

I've been practicing Mindfulness since 2008 in Clinical settings; I use Mindfulness in my personal life to reduce the daily stress of juggling parenting and professional life as well as just life itself!

I've attended Multi day training events and have completed a Mindfulness Teacher Training course through UK based bestselling Author and teacher of "the mindful way through stress and "Mindfulness for Dummies" - Shamash Alidini.

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