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Straighten that spine
With Pilates!

As part of our mind-body-heart philosophy, Mindfulness Brings Hope also offer group Pilates courses and sessions as well as 1:1 training at several Cumbrian locations. We are shortly able to offer an online 5 week Pilates course. More details to follow.

Our focus is on Pure Pilates movements as intended by the founder, Joseph Pilates. We incorporate the principles of Body and mind, with a focus on gentle movement using the breath and body alignment. We move slowly through each movement whilst focusing on challenging the core; these low impact movements require concentration and allow the individual to focus on alignment of the body, and movement with the breath, while reducing the risk of injury.

We offer a warm, friendly and non-judgmental approach to Pilates and allow individuals to work to their own strengths and capabilities. We sometimes work in pairs so whilst one of us demonstrates the movements the other can offer support and guidance (If you would like it) around alignment or modifications.

With an emphasis on delivering quality Pilates classes, we have a maximum class number or 12 students. We also bring Mindfulness to everything we do, and we finish each session with Mindfulness Meditations.

If you would like to join us on one of our courses, please check below for upcoming classes/courses.

Date: Wed 30th January 2019
Course: 5 Week Beginner Pilates
Location: The health Barn, Askham, Cumbria, CA10 2PG. 

5 Week beginners Pilates course with both Jessie and Mike. Come along and share our passion for this wonderful, restorative, mind-body exercise class.


Further information:
Runs every Wednesday for 5 weeks from the 30th January. 

Cost: £35pp for 5 weeks. Please enquire using the contact form HERE

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